Maintaining connections and partnerships

CQ9游戏 academic institutes provides organization and focus for programs, 知识, and relationships. Click on one of these institutes below to learn how you could benefit from the services and financial opportunities they provide.

Academic Institutes


The German Institute at CQ9电子游戏 provides organization and focus for the college’s wealth of Germany-related programs, 知识, and relationships. 

Leadership Dictionary

The Institute for Leadership Education is a well-established, internationally award-winning interdisciplinary program with broad engagement between the college and communities it serves. 

Slife - Helping Hands

The Slife Institute provides training, 咨询, and other technical support to social service agencies and organizations in Iowa and across the United States.  


LSS HSLI students wotking in Waverly community garden

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) supports & encourages students, staff and faculty in the development, coordination and evaluation of external relationships that are effective for student learning and vocational development, advance public scholarship and benefit community partners.


The Center for Integrative and Interdisciplinary Studies coordinates all semester-long and 5项 study away programs, the Des Moines Urban Studies Program, CQ9游戏西, and interdisciplinary minors of the college.